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Reduction in Ranks

Several changes have been discussed for quite some time which include reducing the number of ranks. Beginning September 17, 2023, all enlisted members will still be automatically promoted until the rank of Staff Sgt. is achieved. From then on, in or... (Read More)

Scavenger Hunt on D2 and D2r

Splitzzz(OD) is hosting a "Purple Scavenger Hunt). You can either do the hunt on D2 legacy or D2r. Prize is 200 FG and begins today. See the forum post for details on items to scavenge.

https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/71552-new-scavenger-hunt-2... (Read More)

WoW Wotlk Meeting Night

Tuesday the 22nd we will be holding a WoW Wotlk meeting. If you would like to join the division stop in and lets get things rolling ... looking forward to getting this division back up and running see yall there !

start time 7pm est

Recruitment Tourney, real money prize!

Commander Terra(OD) is hosting a community wide tourney. See more details on our discord.

This is a community-wide recruitment tournament to commemorate our new easy recruiting feature and the release of Diablo 4. Although this is partly to celebra... (Read More)

4.9.23 D2r Easter Anni Hunt

General Disco(OD) is holding an Easter Anni hunt on D2r on 4/9 at 4 pm EST. Just think 150 unidentified annis to search for.


DIABLO ACHIEVEMENT TEST RUN! (January 16th - April 1st)

Diablo Division Teammates, the time has come to try out a new promotion system.

On January 16th or later please look on Discord under D2 Resurrected and find:
There you will find a list of achievements to aim for on your jou... (Read More)

Holiday Message to Everyone!

With a new year fast approaching, I just want to wish everyone in our gaming community a healthy, happy, and loving time.

Take the time to hug your loved ones and hold them close. Share the precious gift of your time with them. Life is too short t... (Read More)

Proposed reduction in ranks from 24 to 16

The community leaders are proposing a "reduction in ranks" from 24 ranks to 16 ranks. Attached is a chart showing the suggested changes and those affected. Your input is strongly requested either in the community event channel on Discord and/or you... (Read More)

Honor a Veteran Contest on Discord

Winner: ZeroCool(OD) -- congratz! Today we honor past, present and future veterans. Post on Discord in the "Honor a Veteran" channel. Tell a story about yourself as a vet or whomever you want to honor for their service. Event runs all weekend. W... (Read More)

Monkey Island event 9/24 on Discord

Zakspeeeed is hosting an event on Saturday, 9/24 at 7 pm on Discord. Return to Monkey Island!

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