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How to Vote on Promos CORRECTLY


Recently, I've noticed a few members voting on promotions with vague and odd comments. Leaving votes that entail "gg, ez vote" or "gm...helpful" aren't helpful nor constructive. Generals and Commanders delete these kinds of votes.

To vote on a ... (Read More)

D2 reset ladder Lottery!

Congratz to winner dmon(OD) who picked 12/7/18, the right day for D2 ladder reset.

So we all suspect that ladder will reset sometime in December, but truthfully nobody really knows right? So I thought a lottery contest would be fun to try and predi... (Read More)

Hectic's Druid Bowling!

Hectic's hosting a Druid Bowling event tonight AND Halloween night! Check the link below for details.


4th Purple Scavenger Hunt!!

Very easy contest to enter and win, just takes patience. First person to post a screenshot of ALL scavenger items listed winz! Contest begins NOW, start hunting!


1. 4 purple juvs any size

2. 4 purple gems any size

3. 2... (Read More)

Send In Your Suggestions!

Hi, I'm interested in hosting the 11th interview of Member Behind the Mic. I'd love to receive suggestions for this episode's interviewee.


Slum's LLD Level 30 tournament, 11/3 8pm CST

LLD Level 30 Tournament. Round 2

THIS EVENT IS SCHEDULED FOR Saturday November 3rd 2018 @ 8PM CST

contestants will be required to post within this thread with the following layout:

Character Name/Class/Build

The current LLD Rules in place... (Read More)

Weekly Cup - Ladder/1v1 Bo3

Ladder will be closing on Sunday the 21st 11:59pm EST. On the 22nd there will be a Best of 3, single elimination. All new entries are welcome!

Winner of the 1v1 playoff series will win 500 FORUM GOLD!!!!

Brackets will be determined on the seeding ... (Read More)

Next "Cards" night!

Come join us for some laughs! "Cards Against Humanity" Night is on for this Friday, October 19th 2018, starting at 8pm CST in teamspeak! We usually play a few games, and you can join in at any time throughout the evening!

- No bloated Downloads nece... (Read More)

GhostDog's Halloween Contest Part 2


GhostDog liked the other Halloween contest so much he wants to sponsor another one. He will try to participate, but if... (Read More)

Winners of October 2018 Clan Awards

Clan OD is the longest standing Clan because of it's members and their contributions to keeping Clan OD great. Without the members and their contributions we wouldn't have this fun filled community to game in. A huge thank you to ALL of you who hel... (Read More)

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