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Voting Polls posted - May 2019 Clan Awards

Time to vote on the Clan Awards posted on the forum at these links. Your votes must be completed by Saturday, May 18, 2019. There are separate sections in 4 different threads, so check them all please.

https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68696-voting-... (Read More)


Redvaine(OD) && Prozackk(OD) Brawling D3

Are you Ready for this event?


Well here it goes...

Level 1 Barb Brawling WWE (lmao)... (Read More)

New Ladder Season First too...


Here is a link to the new season ladder First to levels...

Much more will be explained on that link.

Click no... (Read More)

May 2019 Clan Award Nominations being accepted

Welcome to the First phase of the May 2019 Clan Overdosed Awards- This is the Official Nominations Phase!  If you would like to see an all inclusive list of previous winners, check out this link:  https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68259-all-inclusi... (Read More)

EMT Results

1. Seed = 1250 fg
2. MooMoo wins 500+25%(tagged char)= 625 fg
3. Shade 300+25%(tagged char) = 375 fg

EMT concludes the PvP tournaments for this ladder from myself. Thanks to everyone whos come out and participated. Wouldn't be able to have these if... (Read More)

Member Behind the Mic #14 with MelodicRose(OD)

Do you like weather? Puns? Why not both? In this episode of Member Behind the Mic, we find out plenty about MelodicRose(OD)!


OD Social Media - Suggestions

Hello all, I created a forum post that encompasses learning about all of your suggestions and curiosities regarding our social media pages. There is also a rather important poll placed within this thread, so if you could check it out, that'd be aweso... (Read More)

Hardcore Ladder Reset Team!


Interested in forming a HCL reset team? Reply to this thread with whatever class you're going to play:


D2 Ladder Reset, Lottery Contest!

So we all suspect that ladder will reset sometime in May or June, 2019, but truthfully nobody really knows right? So I thought a lottery contest would be fun to try and predict the date.

I will start the prize pot off at 200 fg. You can enter ... (Read More)

ProZacck(OD)”s Walk Through

This ProZacck(OD)”s event he want me post it. He want creat some fun with in div and clan wide. Its a simple walk through act1 to act5 on champ mode This event starts on sat day 04/27/19 at 7pm CST

There are no rules u can make new char or exi... (Read More)

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